Acne On Thigh

The skin has tiny pores that can be blocked by bacteria, oil, dirt, or skin cells to form a pimple. When the skin is continually affected by this kind of condition, you likely have acne.


Generally, acne is a skin condition which occurs when the pores on the skin are plugged with oil, bacteria, or even dirt. Acne develops whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Acne is quite a common condition on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, shoulders, or even thighs; just to mention a few.

Perhaps you’ve developed whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples on or inside your thigh that's gradually breaking into a rash. If you’re wondering what would have caused them, do not panic. Sweat, tight jeans, bikini waxing, STDs, shaving, chafing thighs, and pregnancy hormones are among the most common causes. Here’s more on the symptoms, causes, treatment, and preventive measures against acne on the thighs.

What are the symptoms of Acne on the thighs?

As mentioned earlier, acne can develop almost anywhere on your body. Whether it’s on the face, shoulders, chest, or thighs, you will typically notice pimples that either have a white or black appearance. Other common symptoms when one has acne on the thighs include red spots and pus-filled swellings on the thighs. Below is a description of the symptoms when one has acne on the thighs.

Oily skin: The skin has sebaceous glands which often produce sebum oil as controlled by the male hormone testosterone. Both ladies and men produce the male testosterone. The sebum forms a normal protection barrier on the skin called the acid mantle. However, when there is a high production of sebum, one may develop acne on the thighs.

Blackheads: When the outer most skin's layer on the thighs becomes sticky, it blocks the pores to form open comedones. Blackheads are seen as flat and also dark in color.

Whiteheads: Your thighs might develop closed comedones that are commonly white in color or pale/creamy. Whiteheads appear a little raised on the thighs.

Papules: Perhaps you have noticed some small red, tender, and raised bumps on the thighs. Papules occur when bacteria in the skin block the pores naturally found in the skin on the thighs causing bacteria overgrowth.

Pustules: The skin on the thighs can develop some raised red bumps with a yellow head. These pimples most often contain pus.

Nodules and deep cysts: When the thighs develop some tender, abnormal, sac-like structures containing blood and pus, they have acne. The nodules and deep cysts are severe cases of acne. Worse still, the bacterial infection can go deeper into the skin and even cause permanent scarring.

Causes of Acne on the Thighs

Of course, the inner parts of thighs are the most sensitive part of the body. Perhaps you’ve put a lot of weight on. The chances are that there is rubbing in between your thighs. Such friction can cause chafing between the upper thighs. Below are some common causes of acne on the thighs.

#1 Razor Bumps or Shaving

Perhaps you’ve developed some tiny, itchy bumps on your inner thighs. They’re probably razor bumps! These razor bumps most often develop from razor burn due to:

  • Very poor shaving techniques alongside bikini waxing. Some people develop the thigh bumps after shaving.
  • Bikini bumps are quite itchy. When they develop around buttocks and the upper inner thighs, they’ll definitely hurt whenever you try to walk or run.

When you get these razor burns, it is important to treat them very fast to avoid the formation of pus-filled bumps.

#2 Thigh rubbing on the other

Thighs' chafing, is when the skin is rubbing together when one puts on excessive weight. This rubbing comes when one runs, swims, and generally undertakes daily chores. If you’ve noticed a red skin or irritation on the inner thighs, and some flaky little bumps, your thighs might be chafing. Dark inner thighs might also prove that the thighs are chafing. After some time, the pimples can bleed, or develop into boils that actually hurt.

#3 Herpes and STDs

Among the most common symptom of an STD are warts, sores, and pimples around the genital area. Quite often, bumps are confused for genital warts from HPV, but they are quite different. HPV brings about the skin's lumps or fleshy growths in the thighs. However, STD does not just develop acne on the thighs; it starts with small red bumps on the groin areas that later spreads towards the thighs and become very itchy.

#4 Hormonal acne

During periods and pregnancies, skin breakouts are an ubiquitous experience in different parts of the body. These skin breakouts are caused by the changes in hormones. Of course, hormonal levels vary from one individual to another. During these seasons, the oil glands under the skin grow hyperactive and produce excess oil. Excess sebum clogs the pores in the skin to cause acne on the thighs.

#5 Sweat pimples

Bumps, sweat, and pimples are quite common on the inner thighs. Most people will report experiencing an itching effect on the back of the buttocks, thighs, and groin areas after working out. Of course, sweating is never the primary reason for acne on the thighs. The pimples occur due to the following reasons:

  • Bacteria thrive very fast in the area where there is sweat.
  • Sweating encourages conditions such as inflammation, folliculitis, and infected thigh pimples.
  • Sweating can bring about fungal infection.

Sweat pimples and bumps are common for people living in hot, humid areas. The problem is even worse for people who love wearing jeans.

Treatment of Acne on the thighs

Well, acne can be treated using medical or home remedies. A major way to treat acne on the thighs is first to identify what caused them. For instance, you can get rid of inner thigh bumps naturally by the use of lemons. Of course, lemons are rich in vitamin C, a vital component that helps your pimples dry up fast. It is advisable to use fresh lemons on the thighs.

Tea Tree Oil is a common, natural treatment for acne. The tree features anti-bacterial properties. The tea tree is a perfect remedy for razor bumps and folliculitis around the groin and inner thighs. What’s more, the tree can also help to soothe irritation from razor burns and can eliminate the redness around the bikini area.

The preventive measure for Acne on Thighs

It is important to maintain good personal hygiene in controlling and preventing acne on the thighs. Skipping the morning shower as well as putting on an unwashed inner garment for a long time can bring about recurring outbreaks of acne on the thighs. Hence, you’ll want to wash your inner garment daily to evade infections. Wearing light clothes in sweaty environments can be worthwhile too. Better still, it is advisable to drink a lot of water every day and follow a healthy diet. In case of infections, ensure you wash the area with a mild soap to keep the problem from aggravating.