Bed Bugs In Hair

When you have bed bugs in your hair don't panic, it happens. Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood and when fully grown, a bed bug is approximately the size of an apple seed.

Understanding bed bugs in hair

Bed bugs are conspicuous creatures thanks to their oval shape coupled with their rusty red color. These pests live in dark areas but only leave their habitats at night to draw blood. They are mostly found in wall crevices, bed frames, box springs, and mattresses. If you have them in your hair, they may have traversed many spots and corners of your bed where you sleep. It’s critical to remove them quickly. They can irritate you as they suck blood from your scalp. Moreover, they can shift to warm parts of the body. Fortunately, they can be removed using suitable shampoos or a nit comb.

The causes of bed bugs

Carbon dioxide gas produced when you are sleeping attracts bed bugs. They find their way to where you are and suck your blood. Apart from carbon dioxide, they are also drawn to the smell of blood. Most people feel uncomfortable when bitten.

Signs/symptoms that you have bed bugs in your hair

Bites at night

Bed bugs bite mostly at night. They come out to feed when it’s dark while you are asleep. Although their bites are not severe, they are a nuisance. To draw your blood, they pierce your skin using their tiny beak. Sucking doesn’t occur during the first bite. Instead, the first bite injects anesthetic fluid to make the skin numb in preparation for drawing blood. That explains why you may not feel the actual bite.

Straight row bites on scalp

Bed bugs don’t bite and crawl away immediately as most people think. They suck blood for approximately five minutes. During this entire period, the bite is painless. After they crawl away, you feel itchy and there's usually a small bump on the bitten part of your skin. Luckily, the feeling subsides after a few days. Their bites leave unique straight row bites unlike those of many insects.

Blood stains on your pillow

Although you may not feel the bite, you will feel the tiny creature crawling away on your scalp. Most people feel anxious once they suspect it’s a bed bug bite. Most of them wake up and struggle to fall back to sleep. If you wake up and see blood stains on your pillow, you can confidently conclude that you are sleeping with uninvited guests.

The effects of bed bugs in hair

Bed bugs need to be removed from your bed and premise as soon as possible. Apart from sleepless nights, these tiny parasites can cause a myriad of health risks including:


When a bug bites you, it exposes your skin. These bites cause itchiness, forcing you to scratch the surface of the skin. There is an increased likelihood of introducing harmful bacteria and pathogens into the body through the skin.


Most people when bitten by bed bugs experience allergic reactions. These can range from mild to extreme. Allergies cause undesirable spots and wounds on the skin. Allergic reactions make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. They can affect your focus at work or school.


Bedbugs pounce on your skin at night. These tiny nocturnal creatures may not inflict painful bites, but they are irritating. You may wake up several times to scratch the bites. This causes worry, panic, and restlessness.


An increase in sleep deprivation can cause stress and depression. You spend your day worrying that you will have to spend the night in an infested bed. Anxiety kicks in when you remember the bugs in your bed. Irritability, loss of appetite, and difficulty in concentration are other related health concerns.

Social stigma

Friends and relatives may shun your house for fear of bed bugs. Your workmates or classmates can also isolate you for fear of carrying insects into their homes. Bed bugs can cause stigma, shame, ridicule and scorn among your peers.

How to get rid of bed bugs in hair

Use head lice shampoo

If you have bugs in your hair, don’t worry. They can be removed with head lice shampoo which can be found in various medical stores. Before applying shampoo, ensure your hair and scalp is wet. Allow the shampoo to remain on your scalp for approximately 12 minutes before rinsing with water. Both warm and cold water can be used.

Comb hair with a nit comb

Washing your hair with shampoo is not enough, you may need to comb it with a unique nit comb. Fine-toothed combs are suitable for removing bugs trapped on your hair. Afterwards, wash the comb thoroughly with warm or cold water. If you still feel the bed bugs present, wash your hair with shampoo every two days until you have no doubts.

Using alcohol

Rubbing alcohol with your regular shampoo increases the chances of destroying and removing bed bugs in your hair. Most people who have used it register 91% success. However, some eggs might remain behind, hence treatment becomes necessary.

Comb and shave beards

If you have a beard, consider combing thoroughly to get rid of bugs, nymphs, and eggs. To obtain satisfactory results, you may opt to shave your beards.

Cedar Oil

Although cedar oil may irritate your scalp, it is effective in treating bed bugs in your hair. Add it to shampoo and bath gels. To counter scalp irritation, consider using anti-itch medication.

Apply mineral oil and cover hair

Applying mineral oil to your hair and covering with a shower cap overnight helps prevent bed bugs from biting your scalp. This strategy also plays a significant role in killing bug eggs and suffocating nymphs. You can wash your hair with anti-lice shampoo the following morning.

Sauna treatment

High temperatures can be used to kill bed bug eggs. Sauna treatment offers a suitable way to attaining 120 degrees Celsius in the steamed room, which is enough to kill most insects. However, if you have health conditions such as hypertension and heart disease, it is prudent to speak to your doctor before making such decisions.

Alternative treatments for bed bugs

Before finding their way in your hair, bugs infest bedding and headboards. After getting rid of them in your hair, it’s wise to treat your house or premises. Here are a few things to do:

  • Declutter your house because bugs love hiding in cluttered homes.
  • Vacuum clean your premise.
  • Wash all your bedding with hot water, detergents and bleaching agents where possible.
  • Dry bedding at the highest temperature possible to kills bugs, eggs, and nymphs.
  • Encase your mattresses
  • Use rubbing alcohol and bed bug products to treat box springs.
  • Discard items heavily infested with bedbugs.
  • Steam all bedding at high temperatures to remove bugs inside mattresses.
  • Consult an experienced, professional Pest Control Company to inspect and treat bugs.

Getting rid of bed bugs in hair is necessary for you to remain focused, confident, healthy, and comfortable. Use the tips above to identify their presence and get rid of them.