Bleach Bath Hair

Bleach baths for hair can remove bacteria and get rid of the symptoms of eczema on the scalp. Also, this treatment can be used as a less damaging method to lighten hair.

What are Bleach Baths for Hair?

A bleach bath consists of a small part of bleach in a large amount of warm water. Bleach baths have a multitude of different uses. This may include the relief and reduction of eczema in and around the scalp area, as well as other conditions that may cause skin problems in and around the scalp.

In addition to the medical use of bleach baths for hair, choosing this treatment can also be a gentler and easier way to lighten the hair slightly, and is often used within salons and as a home treatment for this purpose. Bleach strips the pigment from hair and can result in a lightening effect from a dark orange to a bright yellow and even white depending on the strength of bleach used.

Whole-body bleach baths are often used for the management and disinfection of skin where a person or their child is having prolonged periods of eczema that is either chronic or seasonal, especially where the symptoms are causing problems in day to day life.

How Bleach Baths work

As a chemical, household bleach is often used as a way to disinfect and clean surfaces effectively. This concept also applies to the treatment of the skin and the scalp. Eczema can result in itchy, dry and often painful or cracked skin and bleach baths can be an effective way to combat the symptoms of this condition, as well as offering a way to disinfect skin and remove the chance of infection.

A variety of infections can occur as a result of open wounds from eczema, and some of these, such as Staph Infections, can have serious effects. Using bleach baths on the hair can resolve and prevent these conditions.

A bleach bath for hair can also be used as a manner of stripping pigment and color from hair in a way that is less harsh than simply using bleach on its own. This form of bleach bath often also involves the use of shampoo to dilute and reduce the amount of bleach in the process. Compared to traditional hair bleaching within salons, this is a far milder choice for many individuals.

Reasons to use Bleach Baths on Hair

There are both medical and cosmetic reasons to use bleach baths on hair. For those who suffer from skin conditions on the scalp, such as eczema, a bleach bath can be used as relief from the itching and pain symptoms while also disinfecting the area.

Bleach baths can also be used on the hair cosmetically, to lighten and strip the pigment from your hair. Often, these results work best on virgin hair as the damage is reduced. This treatment is far more diluted compared to traditional lightening products.

Bleach Bath directions

A Bleach Bath for Hair usually contains the following elements:

  • Bleach powder
  • Peroxide developer
  • Shampoo
  • Water to dilute

In comparison to a bleach bath for the whole body, when it comes to applying a bleach bath for hair an agent needs to be used to keep the bleach in place. Shampoo can be used to lather the bleach and reduce the chances of the solution dripping or being less effective.

Bleach baths still contain peroxide, even in reduced amounts, and as such can be very harsh on hair if used often or repeatedly. It is not recommended to use this treatment often without consulting a professional or protecting the hair in other ways.

If this treatment is required to combat skin conditions directly, then the bleach bath may be used directly on the scalp, leaving the rest of the hair free of bleaching.

Suitability of Bleach Baths

Bleach baths are an effective and consistent way to treat and disinfect a scalp that has eczema or similar skin conditions. As such, it helps to reduce symptoms or pain that may otherwise cause harm to the individual, or result in their scalp or hair being further damaged.

The excessive itching caused by eczema may have a negative result on the condition of the hair, and as such, it is worth weighing up the damage caused by the bleach versus the damage pre-existing on the scalp.

It is important, when using bleach for any purpose on the body, to consult a cosmetic or medical professional who can offer qualified advice on the best way to use this treatment.

Bleach Baths and other treatments

Bleach baths for hair can often be used in combination with other forms of treatment both to maintain a good quality of the hair, as well as to prevent the below-listed symptoms:

  • Intense itching
  • Painful cracking in the skin
  • Dry, scaly rashes

Using a bleach bath on the hair and scalp can relieve many different symptoms of this condition. Bleach baths can be used as a way to either lighten the hair or disinfect the scalp. Treatments that go alongside bleach baths for hair include:

  • Topical creams with or without steroids that help with the repair of the skin
  • Tarbased shampoos and creams
  • Moisturizing lotions or shampoos to improve the flexibility and hydration of the skin
  • Antiinflammatory medicines or other topical creams
  • Antiitching creams, shampoos, and ointments

Risks of Bleach Baths

As with all potent chemicals, it is vital that the bleach used in bleach baths for hair is handled appropriately and stored safely out of reach of pets and children. The solution for bleach baths should also be kept away from children and pets, and when used should be kept out of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

For individuals whose skin is exceptionally thin or sensitive, bleach baths may not be a suitable solution. This is also true with hair that is over processed or dyed - it may be irreparably damaged by further exposure to bleach.