Boil Under Breast

Boils develop on breasts and sometimes keep coming back. This bothersome condition occurs when bacteria infect the hair follicles. Hence, getting some detailed information on that causes it, the symptoms, as well as the treatment and prevention measures, can be worthwhile.

Overview: Boil on breast

Generally, a boil is an infection caused by bacteria. The bacterium - staphylococcus aureus - infects the hair follicle to bring about a painful furuncle on the skin. Boils can develop anywhere on the body ranging from the neck, face, groin, buttock, and even the breast.

Unfortunately, many women suffer these chronic breast boils. However, they find the condition quite embarrassing and tend to find an alternative treatment to the bothersome condition rather than medical help.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a severe skin condition that develops as abscesses or boils on and around the breast. It’s a common problem that occurs beneath the crease. Women not only find this problem painful but also embarrassing. Worse still, some even find the problem reoccurs even after treatment. Boils on breasts, especially those that keep coming back, are usually a sign of serious medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart condition.

What Causes Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)?

While anyone can develop a boil on any part of his or her own body, the Hidradenitis boil is majorly brought about by the sex hormones such as excessive androgens. During menstruation and after pregnancy, women tend to produce excess androgen hormones. This brings about clogging of the pores and encourages the infection of hair follicles.

When the sweat pores are clogged, the apocrine glands cause inflammation around the hair follicles. This brings about some pain and swelling around the area. With time, there is the formation of pus. For individuals with large breasts, there’s more heat buildup around the area.

While factors such as poor personal hygiene and being overweight make the condition severe, they are not the primary cause of boils on breasts. If you’re prone to chronic boils or have previously been diagnosed with HS, the following are a few factors that trigger an HS attack:

#1 Hormones and Pimples During Pregnancy and Menstruation

When women are at their menstruation or post pregnancy period, the skin produces a lot of sebum. Of course, excessive production of sebum causes clogging of the pores, and you’ll notice some small pimples on the skin. Persistent acne on the breasts sometimes results in a boil around the breast.

#2 Chest Acne Breakouts

Perhaps your skin is prone to acne. Well, while the skin around the breast is thicker compared to the rest of the body, the probability of getting acne on the breast is high. Also, some medications cause acne on women's breasts which further develop into boils.

#3 Wearing tight bras

Perhaps you’re a sportsperson. That’s alright! If you’re suffering boils on the breast, you’re probably wearing tight bras. Tight bras can encourage acne that further develops to severe boils on the breasts. Tight bras encourage the condition due to the following factors:

• Friction on the skin
• Pressure on the skin caused by the tight bras
• Excess heat as a result of wearing tight clothing. This is common to people with large breasts.

What are the Symptoms of Boil on Breast?

When one is developing a boil under the breast, the process begins with a hard, red, and painful lump that is approximately half an inch in size. As the days go by, the lump develops into a softer, huge and very painful boil. Later, the boil is filled with pus. Below are symptoms of a severe infection resulting in a boil on the breast:

  • The skin around the affected area grows red, swollen, and very painful.
  • The skin then goes white or yellow in color.
  • The affected area starts weeping, crusting, and oozing.
  • The affected area is itchy before developing the boil.
  • Some swollen lymph nodes develop.
  • One can notice a single boil or clusters of boils on the affected area.
  • The surrounding area hardens and is quite painful

Treatment of Boil on Breast

Treating a boil under the breast might call for one to understand the main cause of the boil. Of course, most of the boils developing around the breasts are caused by bacterial infections. Therefore, use of antibiotics during treatment can be very effective.

Antibiotics can either be oral or topical. Hence, one can effectively use creams, gels, or even lotions. Among the most common antibiotics include Neosporin and Ichthammol. Keep in mind that some antibiotic treatments have some side effects. Therefore, it's advisable to seek medical attention from a specialist when treating boils under the breasts.

When the condition is mild, one can opt to use some home remedies to treat the condition. Below are some home treatments in case of boils under the breasts.

Warm Compress: This is an effective means of removing pus from the boil. Take a piece of cloth, dip it in hot water, and then apply to the affected area. Adding salt to the warm water makes the procedure more effective.

Apply Tea Tree Oil on the affected area: Tea tree oil is well known to have very excellent antiseptic properties.

How to prevent boils on breasts

Of course, some causes can be prevented. Hence, instead of spending a lot on treatment, how about incorporating a few tips to prevent contracting boils on the breasts?

  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Avoid food that has a lot of sugar and fat
  • Make a habit of using antiseptic soap when bathing
  • Ensure you exfoliate your skin regularly to avoid accumulation of sebum or dead skin cells
  • Always make sure your hands are clean
  • Avoid squeezing acne spots as this may spread the infection.

Well, the seriousness of the condition depends on what caused it. Hence, understanding how to use home remedies can be worthwhile. However, if the boils become severe and chronic, it is important to seek professional medical help.

Last Reviewed:
June 14, 2018
Last Updated:
June 23, 2018