Bug Bites On Penis

Bug bites on the penis may be caused by insects or mites, and should be diagnosed quickly.


Unexplained bites, bumps, and rashes on your genitals can be startling and upsetting. They may itch and sting, and the friction of your clothes can worsen this problem. These bites can appear as small red bumps, itchy welts, or textured rashes. While unpleasant, most bug bites from chiggers and mosquitoes go away naturally in a few days. However, if this condition becomes an issue for you, you may need to look into over-the-counter medications and possible diagnoses.

Frequent outdoor activities can lead to bug bites in private areas like your inner thighs and groin. Wading through tall grass and lounging on the ground can increase your chances of contracting these bug bites, so make sure to wear tight underwear and proper hiking gear when going outdoors. If you have an active sex life, make sure all of your partners are clean and tested. Practice proper hygiene, and talk to your doctor if these issues persist. They may be a symptom of a larger problem, and you may need specialized treatment.

Symptoms of Bug Bites on Penis

The symptoms of this condition are physical, and therefore quite obvious. They may vary in quality and intensity. The bites can appear in clusters, or in one specific area. You might experience itching, burning, or other sensations because of these bites. The friction of your clothes can aggravate the itching and cause rawness, which can lead to further issues. Wear loose clothes to prevent necessary rubbing, and do not scratch or scrub these areas. You will just worsen your condition and make it more painful.

  • You might notice bug bites on your penis if you experience:
  • Small red bumps on your penis shaft, scrotum, or groin
  • Textured rashes in your genital region
  • Itching and burning of these areas
  • A need to scratch while awake and asleep
  • Red or raw areas on your groin and inner thighs

These symptoms can be a sign of insect bites, or a symptom of a larger issue. To diagnose your problem, wait a few days to see if these bites disappear naturally. If they do, insects like chiggers are likely responsible. However, if these issues persist for several days, talk to your doctor. You may require medication and further treatment.

Causes of Bug Bites on Penis

There are several causes of bug bites on the penis, including:

  • Chiggers. These bugs belong to the arachnid family, and can be quite troublesome for the outdoorsman. They creep up under your clothes while you're outside, and leave bite marks on your inner thighs and groin. If they can get access, they will bite your genitals as well. These bites will go away over time, but you are advised to avoid scratching and rubbing these areas. Apply topical creams to reduce itching, and wait for them to heal naturally.
  • Pubic lice. Also known as 'crabs', these bugs are extremely small and hide in your pubic hair. They require specific medication and a visit to the doctor. They are passed through skin-to-skin contact, including sexual activities. They can also be passed through shared use of towels or bedclothes. Do not have sexual relations with anyone while you have pubic lice, and make sure to properly disinfect all of your belongings.
  • Scabies. Like pubic lice, these mites are classified as an STD. However, they can also be passed through shared towels, sheets, and clothing. Scabies are smaller, and can cause red bumps and rashes in the genital region. They require proper sanitation and medication as well. If you think you might have scabies, talk to your doctor about possible treatments. Do not have sex until you are fully healed, or you risk exposing your partner to these parasites.
  • Mosquitoes or other insects. If you sleep outside or regularly spend time outside, you may be suffering from a simple bug bite. Because your penis is such a blood-rich, sensitive area, a bite from an ant or mosquito might swell up more intensely. Avoid scratching these areas, and use gentle creams and lotions to soothe itching/burning. Avoid sleeping naked when mosquitoes are present, and be wary while camping.

Treatments for Bug Bites on Penis

There are a number of treatments for bug bites on the penis, and they vary depending on the problem.

  • For chigger, mosquito, and ant bites: Do not scratch. Wash the area with cool water and gentle soap. Apply soft, unscented creams like calamine lotion. Use cold compresses if the burning becomes too intense.
  • For pubic lice: See a doctor as soon as possible. In the meantime, apply malathion lotion. Do not touch your eyes while applying this lotion, and wash it off thoroughly after the application time. Wash and disinfect your sheets and clothing, and do not expose anyone else to your condition. This includes sexual activity.
  • Scabies: Talk to your doctor, and ask for acaricide ointment. You can also use anti-itch creams and antibiotics to clear up the issue. Take hot showers daily, and wash your sheets and clothing regularly. Try to disinfect all towels and bedclothes accordingly. Do not share fabrics, and do not engage in sex. Condoms do not protect against scabies and pubic lice.

Prevention of Bug Bites on Penis

To prevent bug bites on your penis, practice good hygiene daily. Take regular showers, wear clean clothes, and wash your sheets often. Do not share bedclothes or towels with other people, and try to limit your interactions with unclean individuals. Practice safe sex, and always ask your partners to get tested first. While it may seem like a pain, it can save you from pesky STDs and chronic illnesses.

If you decide to go camping or sleep outdoors, invest in repellents and mosquito nets. Make sure your sleeping area is bug-free, and avoid sleeping directly on grass or dirt. If you need to wade through tall grass, tuck your pants into your boots, and do the same with your shirt and pants. This will create a seal so the bugs cannot get to you. Wash your clothes as soon as you get home, and take a shower after outdoor activities. Do not have sex outdoors, as this may lead to unpleasant encounters with bugs.

Last Reviewed:
June 15, 2018
Last Updated:
June 24, 2018