Dealing with Dermatitis Daily

When your condition was first diagnosed with dermatitis you probably thought. “How could this happen to me? Why does my body have to suffer from the irritation of dryness and itching of eczema or dermatitis? These questions could be best described by your doctor who would be more qualified to understand the diagnosis. Every year there are millions of people who suffer from a type of dermatitis.

We will give some tips to follow on how to help deal with the conditions of dermatitis and eczema that can cause dryness and itching that are associated with their diagnosis.

Avoid Dry Air

Dehumidified air which is more prominent in winter months can aggravate dermatitis. Those diagnosed with dermatitis or eczema should be trying to keep the air indoors moist to help reduce aggravating the symptoms. Humidifiers are perfect for battling dry air, but you need to make sure the humidifier is large enough that it will actually do the job.

Bathing in Lukewarm Water

There are some who think that bathing excessively will aggravate the condition of eczema or dermatitis. There are others who believe that bathing regularly can help to reduce infection chances while softening the skin. Even though you should keep both of these opinions in mind the safest thing to do is bathe regularly using water that is lukewarm. You don't want it too hot or too cold.

Grease is a Go

When you take a bath you should make sure that it either has a moisturizer include in the ingredients or you should apply a moisturizer following your bath. Sometimes after using these moisturizers you can still feel dry. There are many types of products that are grease based available to help with this. If this does not seem to help there are products that use a heavier cream or you can apply ointments.

Oatmeal Baths

You can add oatmeal that has been turned into a fine powder to your water for additional relief. You can also find a soap that has oatmeal included in the ingredients. In your pharmacy, you can find a colloidal oatmeal and pour it into your lukewarm bath water. By placing the oatmeal into a handkerchief and using a rubber band to tie it off, you can dip it into the water like a washcloth and wring it out using the oatmeal like soap.

The Comfort of Cotton

Clothing made of cotton can feel so much better against the skin than polyester or wool clothing. Itchy synthetic fabrics should be avoided along with clothes that are too tight. Not only do they look bad but they can cause you to begin itching.

Soothing Compresses

When dealing with dermatitis a wet dressing with cold water can help to soothe and relieve any itchy feelings. Milk can also be used to help relieve itching and has shown to help more in some cases.

Feel the Calamine

Calamine lotion has been used to help relieve many oozing rashes. There is a menthol or phenol version of calamine that you can get from the pharmacy over the counter. This can also help to better to sooth the skin than the original calamine lotion.

Body Lotions are Not Always Your Friend

Eczema in children is not always best soothed by baby lotions. Baby lotions tend to have higher water contents that can increase the irritation and dryness of the skin as it begins to evaporate. Creams and ointments are best to use for children with eczema.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat the Rinse

When laundry is being washed for anyone that has eczema or dermatitis you must make sure that their clothes are washed and rinsed completely. Detergent should not be overused and their clothes should be rinsed twice to reduce the detergent left in their clothes.