Depression Is Ruining My Life

How depression is ruining my life

Depression can make it difficult for us to motivate ourselves to work and to do the things we enjoy. Depression victims may find themselves unable to find employment or take care of basic responsibilities. So, let's answer why, "Depression is ruining my life."

Additionally, the effects of depression go beyond mental anguish. Many patients report physical symptoms as well, such as pain or compromised immune systems. This separates depression as a disorder from simply feeling down sometimes. A person afflicted with depression will experience a decline in many of their body's most vital functions.

What is depression?

How depression is ruining my life: Depression is one of the most widely misunderstood disorders out there. So many people have a mistaken belief that depression is simply a bad mood or something we can rid ourselves of if we simply think positive thoughts.

Depression is, in fact, an actual disorder with serious effects on the lives of people affected by it. It is generally characterized by a lack of energy, the inability to motivate, and a predominance of negative emotions. The effects of depression may interfere with one's ability to live a fully productive life.

When it's more than a feeling

Why depression is ruining my life: Most people experience periods of their life when they aren't feeling their best, but an episode of depression will generally last for a markedly long time span generally going into weeks.

The longevity of depression can mean that patients who do not receive treatment are unable to perform important tasks to their fullest.

What can you do about it?

You do not need to simply accept depression as a part of your life. You can receive the treatment you need in order to function and live a productive, full life. Many therapists deal with depression and can help you find ways to cope with the disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to help people deal with the underlying issues of depression with the same effectiveness as many antidepressant medications.

Neuroscientists have studied depression and found clear examples of differences between the brains structures of patients with depression and healthy people. They have used these findings to come up with a number of medications intended to help those suffering from depression handle the problems it causes better.

How depression is treated

Besides therapy, the medications mentioned before are highly effective in treating depression and its symptoms. They are used all by many psychiatrists to help patients live full active lives. A good example of a typical antidepressant is Prozac. Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI. It fights depression by preventing the body from reducing serotonin levels too rapidly. That allows the body to build up serotonin and in turn, it gives patients a chance to lower the frequency and severity of episodes of depression.

In more extreme cases, a psychiatrist may subscribe monoamine oxidase inhibitors. These antidepressants prevent monoamines, special compounds that break down serotonin and other neurotransmitters key to mood balance, from performing their basic action. When the monoamines are blocked you will be able to function very well.

These medications are much strong than SSRIs and they may have a number of undesirable side effects. For this reason, it is unusual to see a psychiatrist prescribe them. In the most extreme cases, shock therapy may actually be used.

Depression doesn't have to stop you

Depression is ruining my life: Depression is an actual disorder and the sooner you start to treat it, the sooner you will see your life improve. There are stigmas surrounding depression and the admission to suffering from it.

Many do not believe that depression is real or that its symptoms actually cause the supposed harm that many patients suffer from. Fortunately, as more people admit that they suffer from this disease, this attitude is changing.

You can receive help without judgment by deciding to talk to your doctor today. It is not likely that you are the only case he has seen and he will probably avoid judging you for your condition. With the help of a doctor, you no longer need to allow depression to ruin your life.

You can decide that you are going to fight back right now. Others have had the same experience as you and they have not allowed depression to win.

Last Reviewed:
August 14, 2017
Last Updated:
October 24, 2017