Insulin Aspart Protamine and Insulin Aspart (Subcutaneous)


Novolog Mix 70/30 is a combination of two types of artificial insulin. One is intermediate-acting insulin aspart protamine, and the other is quick-acting insulin aspart. The combined medication produces quicker and longer lasting treatment outcomes compared with regular insulin. You have to use the drug along with a proper diet and exercising for better results.

In a patient with diabetes mellitus, the body is unable to make enough insulin. In turn, their blood sugar may get uncontrollably high, endangering their health. Such patients need to take additional artificial insulin to make up for the deficiency in their system. If you suffer from the condition, your doctor may recommend that you start taking insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart to help regulate your blood sugar and maintain a healthy body.

The main action of Novolog Mix 70/30 is the control of glucose metabolism in the body. The medication decreases blood glucose by enhancing the uptake of excess glucose in the system, such as by skeletal muscle and fat, as well as by restricting the making of hepatic glucose. Enough amounts of insulin in the body promote the efficient production of protein and the impediment of lipolysis and proteolysis.

Conditions Treated

  • Diabetes mellitus (type 1 and type 2)
  • Pregnancy diabetes

Type Of Medicine

  • Antidiabetic

Side Effects

Patients using Novolog Mix 70/30 should be wary of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), which is the most common adverse side effect of all insulin medications. Characteristics of the condition include convulsions and unconsciousness. The complication may be fatal. Likewise, people low on sugar in their blood may lack proper concentration and quick reaction times. See your healthcare practitioner right away if you experience any of these effects.

Do not hesitate to check with your doctor if you experience any other hypoglycemia symptom while using Novolog Mix 70/30, including incomprehensible speech, lightheadedness, poor eyesight, anxiety and mood fluctuations, confusion, fast heartbeat, trembling, headache, or sweating.

It is also possible for Novolog Mix 70/30 to cause hypokalemia (low blood potassium). Sometimes, the site of injection reacts adversely to the medication, or the entire body develops acute allergic reactions. Likewise, you may anticipate itching, rashes, swollen hands or feet, or depression or thickening of the skin at the point of administration while using the drug.

Emergency medical intervention is necessary once a patient using Novolog Mix 70/30 experiences difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. The swelling of any body part, including tongue, face, or throat, or severe sleepiness are symptoms of adverse insulin reactions that require the immediate help of a doctor. Some patients may lose appetite, urinate less frequently, become thirsty more often, or experience pain in the muscles due to insulin action. These are indicators of overdose.

If you experience body, bone, back or joint pain, huskiness of voice, indigestion, diarrhea, or running nose while taking Novolog Mix 70/30, you may not need to see your doctor right away because these are some of the treatment side effects that can improve with time. The same applies to sneezing, loss of sleep, vomiting, heartburn, blockage of the ears or nose, and belching.

Similarly, visit your doctor only if injection site side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, warmth, numbness, or scarring fail to go away within reasonable time. The point on the skin where you inject insulin may also develop an infection, lumps, soreness, blistering, or discoloration'reactions that do not usually last long.

Your doctor should advise you on how to cope with any insulin body reactions. The FDA receives medication side effect reports at 1-800-FDA-1088.


Your medical condition and reaction to treatment determine the right dosing for you. After an assessment of your blood sugar levels, your doctor decides the appropriate initial Novolog Mix 70/30 dosage. Usually, health-care practitioners prescribe two doses of the medication per day to patients with diabetes mellitus. Each injection should cover two separate meals or at least a single meal and a snack.

The doctor initializes or adjusts the dosage of insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart depending on the metabolic requirements of an adult. As such, they may recommend a change of the Novolog Mix 70/30 dose if the patient's level or type of physical activity or exercise changes. A review of the dosing may also be necessary in case of psychological complications, sickness, change of weight, or change of diet or mealtime.

Similarly, the health-care practitioner continues to track the results of regular blood glucose tests, which enables them to recommend an individualized insulin dose adjustment. The objectives of glycemic regulation may also inform Novolog Mix 70/30 dose specifications.

The dosage of Novolog Mix 70/30 is available in the form of suspension. The medication package comes with instructions for correct self-administration, injection, and storage of the specific apparatus you are using. You will need your doctor to teach you how to inject insulin to control blood sugar levels.

The Novolog Mix 70/30 comes with a patient information sheet that provides instructions for how to handle, prepare, administer, and store the medication along with its delivery device. Be sure to read about and understand how to use the disposable insulin administration apparatus. Likewise, learn how to get rid of syringes, needles, and injection devices.

You or a trained health expert may administer Novolog Mix 70/30 by injection under the skin. In case of self-management, be sure that the concentration and dosage of the drug are right. The strength of the medication indicates the amount of insulin it contains for every milliliter.

Try a different injection site each time. For example, if you give a shot under the skin of the stomach now, you could choose the buttocks for the next dose. Other proper injection sites include thigh and upper arm.

You may take Novolog Mix 70/30 a maximum of 15 minutes before eating if you are using it as mealtime medication. Individuals taking insulin to control type 2 diabetes may have their medicine after meals.

Once you have administered a dose using the FlexPen, detach and discard the needle. Always use a new needle for each injection.

Your health specialist will help prepare a diet plan, which is the most vital component of your insulin medication for the control of diabetes mellitus. Do not deviate from the meal program. Remember to engage in regular physical activity to complement your treatment.

In case you fail to take your Novolog Mix 70/30 medication according to the prescription plan, make up for it at your earliest convenience. Nonetheless, wait for the next regular injection rather than double the dose or take any two doses at extremely close time intervals just to compensate for a missed medication.

Major Drug Interactions

Some drugs may have noteworthy clinical interactions with Novolog Mix 70/30, impeding the effect of your insulin medication or increasing the risk of specific side effects. Your healthcare practitioner should monitor your blood glucose more often and recommend any necessary dose adjustment if you are using insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart along with other drugs that pose the risk of medical reactions.

Medications that may expose the patient to a higher risk of hypoglycemia include sulfonamide antibiotics, ACE inhibitors, fluoxetine, and pentoxifylline. Antidiabetic agents, fibrates, and salicylates may trigger the same complication. Other drugs may impede the ability of Novolog Mix 70/30 to lower blood glucose levels. These include somatropin, oral birth control medications, protease inhibitors, glucagon, and atypical antipsychotics, such as clozapine. Thyroid hormones, phenothiazine, niacin, and sympathomimetic agents (for example terbutaline) may cause the same reactions when used with insulin.

Drugs or substances like beta-blockers, alcohol, and lithium salts may impede or enhance the blood sugar lowering action of Novolog Mix 70/30. Patients using pentamidine along with the artificial insulin may suffer hypoglycemia before later experiencing higher blood sugar levels. It is also possible for some medicines, for example, clonidine or reserpine, to make the symptoms of hypoglycemia more unnoticeable in a patient receiving treatment for diabetes mellitus.

In many cases, a doctor assesses potential clinical interactions and decides not to recommend Novolog Mix 70/30 along with specific other drugs. However, it may be necessary that the patient takes their insulin treatment at the same time as the medications in question. These include Balofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, Flumequine, Gemifloxacin, Levofloxacin, or Nadifloxacin. An adjustment of how often you use or the amount of one or both of the medicines may be necessary.

Special dosage consideration goes to any medication that increases the risk of side effects if used along with insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart. Such drugs include Albiglutide, Bisoprolol, Dulaglutide, Fenugreek, Levobunolol, Metipranolol, and Pindolol.

Always inform your doctor about all other drugs you are taking if you are considering controlling your blood glucose levels with insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart. Your discussions should also cover food, alcohol, tobacco, and any other substance or eating that is part of your day-to-day living. Do not take any drink that contains ethanol without consulting your healthcare practitioner if you are on the Novolog Mix 70/30 medication.


The Novolog Mix 70/30 FlexPen is for personal use as opposed to sharing among patients. It is difficult to guarantee the safety of the device even if you use a new needle each time you are sharing it. Do not share any part of the medical apparatus, including needles and syringes, to avoid the risk of transmitting blood-borne, disease-causing microorganisms.

Any alteration of the dosage, brand, or type of your insulin medication may affect the regulation of blood sugar levels, predisposing the patient to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. A change in the method of administration may have the same adverse outcomes. Only a doctor may recommend such changes for your insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart regimen based on their close, regular observation of your blood glucose levels.

Do not take a higher dose of Novolog Mix 70/30 than your doctor prescribed as it can cause low blood sugar. The same problem may occur during the use of insulin along with another antidiabetic drug or if you skip a meal or snack, drink beer or wine, or fail to eat due to nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

The best time to treat hypoglycemia is before the patient passes out. It is imperative that you are aware of the symptoms of low blood sugar in you so that you can adopt therapeutic interventions before it is too late.

You may develop high blood sugar if you skip medication or take a lower dose than your doctor ordered. Overeating, deviating from a proper meal and diet plan, high body temperature, illness, or decline of your regular physical activity may also trigger the issue. Hyperglycemia is a dangerous condition that requires immediate treatment when it occurs.

Watch out for indicators of hyperglycemia, including poor eyesight, dizziness, dry skin, increased thirst, unusual fatigue, or increase in the amount of urine. If urine tests reveal the presence of ketones, there is also a chance that your blood sugar has gone up. Report any such effects to your doctor and seek advice on how to control or prevent them.

It is imperative that you always inject the right insulin product that your doctor prescribed. To avoid any accidental mix-ups with other similar medications, be sure to check the insulin package label before taking or giving an injection.

Some patients are hypersensitive or allergic to Novolog Mix 70/30, and they may experience acute or life-threatening reactions such as anaphylaxis while using the medicine. Report any such side-effects to your doctor once they occur, including a rash, huskiness of voice, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. Other potentially fatal reactions are swollen body parts, such as hands, feet, mouth, and tongue. You may have to quit the medication as your healthcare professional observes the improvement of the undesired treatment outcomes.

The site on your skin through which you get a Novolog Mix 70/30 injection may swell, become red, or itch'reactions that may be severe or persistent, requiring medical attention. Administer the medication via a new skin area that does not have such side effects.

Just like other insulin medications, Novolog Mix 70/30 may cause low potassium levels in your system. The condition requires immediate treatment to avoid escalation into complications such as arrhythmia or death. Let your doctor know if you are taking any potassium-lowering drug.

The wrong dose of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-gamma agonists may cause fluid retention in a patient using the medication along with Novolog Mix 70/30. In turn, the condition may trigger or aggravate heart failure. Regular cardiac exams may be necessary for individuals using the two drugs at the same time. If heart failure occurs, the doctor may recommend a halt or adjustment of the PPAR-gamma agonist dosing.

Likewise, there is the risk of developing heart complications in patients using insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart together with Actos, rosiglitazone, or other antidiabetic medication. A patient who starts experiencing shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, an irregular heartbeat, or trouble breathing after using Novolog Mix 70/30 may be having cardiac disorders. Notify your healthcare professional about any such adverse drug reactions as soon as they occur.

Individualized dosing of Novolog Mix 70/30 may be necessary for a patient who has another disease or infection. As such, be sure to notify your doctor if you have kidney disease. Likewise, any physical or psychological strain may increase your blood sugar, changing your dosing requirements for insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart.

Be cautious if taking Novolog Mix 70/30 despite having liver disease because the disorder may prolong the effects of the medication due to its slower removal from the system.

Drinks that contain alcohol may lead to severe hypoglycemia. Discuss the issue with your healthcare practitioner.

Do not begin treatment with any other drug if you are already taking Novolog Mix 70/30 unless your doctor recommends it. Your physician should know about any over-the-counter medicines you are considering using, including aspirin and drugs for asthma, colds, cough, or appetite management.

Psychological therapy and professional consultations are critical parts of your blood sugar control regimen. Your close relatives have a role to play in this especially regarding how to help prevent or cope with treatment side effects. You may also need a healthcare expert to explain to you the significance of dosing adjustments due to changes in your diet, physical activity, and other aspects of your everyday living. The use of Novolog Mix 70/30 may have a bearing on contraception as well as pregnancy, making it essential for the patient to seek advice on how to manage or avoid any potential complications.

Carry your latest prescription and medical records with you when traveling away from home. If crossing time zones, try as much as possible to eat at your usual meal times.

Diabetes may cause an emergency, and you should be ready to handle it at all times. In that case, remember to:

  • Keep a proper form of medical identification with you, such as an identification card that indicates your diabetes condition alongside all medications you are taking. You may need to put on an ID bracelet that identifies your medical condition at all times.
  • Always have surplus inventories of your Novolog Mix 70/30 medication and injection apparatus or syringes and needles ready for administration should your blood sugar surge.
  • Be sure you can grab a source of fast-acting sugar (such as glucose tablets) to control hypoglycemia if it occurs. Always keep a glucagon kit and a syringe and needle ready. You may use the medical apparatus to reverse extremely low blood sugar.


  • Store your Novolog Mix 70/30 out of the reach of minors.
  • Dispose of any expired or no-longer-in-use Novolog Mix 70/30 supplies.
  • Refer to your doctor or pharmacist for advice on proper drug disposal procedures.
  • Keep an unopened, not-in-use Novolog Mix 70/30 FlexPen in the refrigerator in its manufacturer's packaging until the date of expiry. Do not freeze the medication or administer it frozen.
  • Store an in-use vial of Novolog Mix 70/30 in the refrigerator for not more than 28 days. Alternatively, find an environment where you may keep the medication at room temperature. Do not freeze or expose insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart to direct heat or light.
  • Do not refrigerate any in-use Novolog Mix 70/30 pen or cartridge. You may store the device along with the medication at room temperature for not more than 14 days.


Insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart or Novolog Mix 70/30 is medication for controlling blood glucose in people with diabetes mellitus. It is a prescription-only drug that a patient may self-administer by injection under the skin. A healthcare practitioner may also give the medicine at a health facility.

You need to eat well and stick to the meal and exercising plan that your doctor prescribed for your Novolog Mix 70/30 regimen to produce the desired outcomes. Use the medication as your physician advised to avoid developing hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia'both of which are severe blood sugar conditions.

Consult your doctor about giving yourself a Novolog Mix 70/30 injection at home. The healthcare practitioner may show you how to handle, preserve, and discard the medication delivery device, syringes, and needles. It is imperative to learn how to self-administer insulin to ensure that you are taking a proper, non-contaminated dosing.

Be prepared to use treatment in the event of a diabetes emergency. You need to keep your Novolog Mix 70/30 medication close by and ready for immediate use at all times.