Mometasone and formoterol (Inhalation)

Mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) cuts down the symptoms of asthma by reducing lung swelling and increasing air flow through the bronchial tubes.


Mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) is designed to treat asthma and improve the working of the lungs in patients who suffer from the condition. This medication is usually only prescribed either to patients with severe asthma who require extra treatment or to people who have tried other medications to treat their asthma without success.

This medication is made up of two distinct medications, and they work in different ways to treat a patient's asthma. Mometasone is useful as it stops the lungs from swelling or becoming inflamed, which in turn reduces the likelihood of an asthma attack occurring. Formoterol, meanwhile, works by improving the flow of air through the air passages (which are known technically as the bronchial tubes), which cuts down on shortness of breath, coughing and more.

It is important to remember that this medication is used to control asthma over the long term, and it will not make an asthma attack that is already underway stop.

This medication is known in the USA by the brand name Dulera. This means that you may see it referred to in this way on marketing materials and in stores or pharmacies.

This medication is only available with a prescription from a physician, so you will not be able to purchase it over the counter. This medication is only available as an aerosol powder.

Conditions Treated

Type Of Medicine

  • Corticosteroid (mometasone)

Side effects

Many medications run the risk of causing unwanted additional effects alongside tackling the problem for which the drug was prescribed. Mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) is no exception, and these potential unwanted effects - known as side effects - are listed below.

  • The first category of potential side effects associated with taking this medication include those which mean you need to speak to your doctor if you experience them. Some of these are considered to be rare, which means that you are in general less likely to experience them, or they have an incidence that is not currently known.

Side effects in this category include issues with your mouth, such as a sore tongue or white patches on it. Problems with vision are also included in this category. Issues such as blurred vision, struggling to see either partially or totally, or a pain in the eye are included.

Various miscellaneous conditions which also apply here include fainting, pain while eating, rashes on the skin, losing your appetite to eat, and some excretion problems such as diarrhea difficulty passing urine. Some mental health problems such as depression are also included.

  • Some of these conditions which require immediate attention from your physician are considered relatively more likely to happen, but are still overall less common. These include problems like headaches, aching muscles, feeling tender around the eyes, feeling feverish and more.
  • The second category of possible conditions contains one which does not necessarily require attention from your physician voice changes. As a side effect it is considered less common than the others, but it may still occur.

If you experience this particular problem, you will not usually need to see your physician unless the problem persists or it is causing you significant issues.

Remember, it is important to note that not all patients experience all of the potential side effects, so you should not expect to experience or avoid experiencing any particular one.

The list outlined above is not necessarily exhaustive. For that reason, you should read through the information booklet that comes with your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) and familiarise yourself with the full list.

If before you start taking this medication you are concerned about the impact that any potential side effects may have on your life, you should consult a healthcare professional who will be able to put your mind at ease and help you find some ways to cut the impact of any problems.


When it comes to finding out how much of this medication you will need to take, it's vital to never take a dosage different to that provided to you by your doctor.

Any general information you come across is for information purposes only, and should never replace the instructions of a physician.

However, standard dosage information is available. Adults and those children aged over 12 will usually be asked to take two puffs of mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) in the morning, followed by a further two puffs at night. Usually, each puff will have 100 or 200 micrograms (mcg) of mometasone in it as well as five mcg of formoterol.

For those patients aged under 12 years, the dosage will ordinarily be determined by a physician.

  • Because this medication comes in aerosol powder format and is taken via an inhaler, there are particular instructions associated with this medication regarding its application and consumption.

When you start using your new inhaler, there is a possibility that the first puff will not provide you with the amount of medication required for treatment. This may also happen if you do not use it for more than five days.

In order to prevent this problem from causing issues with your dosage schedule, in these circumstances you should spray the inhaler four times into your surroundings prior to using it properly. Before you trigger each spray, you ensure that you shake the inhaler vigorously. It is very important that you spray outwards into your surroundings rather than at yourself.

  • In addition to this, there are some specific instructions on how to consume this medication correctly.

Once you have removed the inhaler from its packaging, you should take off the cap so that the mouthpiece of the actuator is visible. It is very important that the canister remains inside the actuator.

Once you have shaken the inhaler and carried out the four sprays away from your face as outlined above, you should breathe out fully in preparation for taking the medication. The aim here is to remove as much air that is currently in your lungs as possible.

Following this, you should place the mouthpiece right into your mouth.
It is important to ensure that parts of your mouth, such as your tongue or your teeth, do not impede the flow of the medication.

Then, take a deep breath in via your mouth whilst simultaneously pressing down quite strongly on the blue part of the inhaler's top. Complete your breath until it is full.

Once you have shaken the inhaler, you can carry out these same steps again in order to take the next puff.

Once you have completed the processes necessary to take your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format), you should ensure you reattach the mouthpiece cover to the mouthpiece. You should also gargle following each dosage, and rinse out your mouth with water.

The aim of doing this is to cut down on the risk that you will develop an infection in your mouth, and it will also help to prevent irritation of the throat and a feeling of hoarseness. You should ensure that you spit out the water rather than swallow it.

  • In the event that you forget or are unable to take a dose of your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format), you should skip it and return to the normal dosage plan. You should never take a double dosage of mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format).


As with most drugs, there is a risk that once inside your body this medication will interact in a negative manner with other drugs.

For that reason, you should ensure that you keep a full and accurate list of all the drugs you are currently taking, both prescription and over the counter, and provide this to your physician. This is because your physician may want to alter your current medication spread to accommodate this drug without causing problems.

  • A number of medications can interact with mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) on a serious level. These include carvedilol, Hemangeol (or propranolol) and Timoptic (or timolol ophthalmic).
  • Some medications can interact on a moderate level with mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format). These include common medications such as various forms of Advair, including Advair Diskus (known technically as fluticasone/salmeterol) and Advair HFA (again known technically as fluticasone/salmeterol). Other common drugs which can cause moderate level interactions include both Ventolin (albuterol)
  • Some medications can interact with this drug on a low level. These include certain vitamins such as Vitamin C (known technically as ascorbic acid), Vitamin B12 (known as cyanocobalamin) and Vitamin D3 (or cholecalciferol).
  • This list of potential interactions is not exhaustive, so again you should ensure that your physician is aware of the drugs you are currently taking.


There are a large number of warnings associated with mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format), and you should ensure you follow them to help prevent any problems during the course of your treatment.

The list of warnings provided here are not necessarily exhaustive, and as a result you should ensure that you read the information booklet provided with the medication. Even if you think that none of the warnings will apply to you, it is possible that they will - so it is best to be prepared. You should retain this booklet in case you need to refer back to it further down the line.

Your physician should check on you frequently while you are taking this medication in order to ensure that it is working properly and that it is not causing you any undue problems.

While this medication is designed to cut down on the frequency of asthma attacks, it is possible that it will exacerbate the symptoms of these attacks when they do occur and make them more serious. You should speak to your physician or your pharmacist if you are concerned about the possible ramifications of this.

There are certain circumstances in which you need to consult your physician right away while taking this medication. If, for example, your symptoms have not gone away after one week - or, indeed, if they have gotten worse - then you need to speak to your physician. The same applies for if your short-acting inhaler is failing to work as well as it did previously: if you find that you are needing to use either four or more inhalations of your short-acting one for two or more consecutive days, for example, your physician must be alerted. If your peak flow drops, meanwhile, you should tell your physician straight away.

In some circumstances, your physician will ask you to carry a card at all times stating clearly that you are taking this medication. This is in case of a severe asthma attack while you are out and about. If the card is found on your person and you are unable to communicate your current treatment situation, it may help you get treatment more quickly.

It is possible that this medication will increase the risk of you experiencing problems such as infection. You may find, for example, that a fungal infection in your throat or mouth can occur, otherwise known as thrush. If white patches occur around this region, you should inform your physician. In addition, if you find yourself around someone who is suffering from conditions like measles or chickenpox you should inform your physician right away.

There is a possibility that taking this medication for an extended period of time can boost the risk of suffering from what are known as adrenal gland problems. These problems can be identified through certain symptoms, so you should speak to your physician if you have any of the symptoms commonly placed into the category. These including a lack of appetite to eat, your skin darkening in appearance, feeling dizzy, fainting, some mental health conditions such as depression, a feeling of being nauseous, and more.

When children take this medication, it is possible that it will affect their rates of growth. In the event that your child ceases to grow at the same rate as previously or you are concerned that this may be happening to your child, you should speak to your physician or other healthcare professional for advice.

Finally, when taking this medication there is also a risk that it will cause problems associated with bone mineral density. A problem like this can go on to cause issues such as weakness of the bones or even osteoporosis. If you have concerns about this problem happening either now or in the future, you should speak to your physician.


When it comes to storing your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format), there are some important rules to follow.

Firstly, you should ensure that you keep your medication safely in a place where it cannot be accessed by young children.

Even if no children live with you at your home at the moment, you should make sure you keep this medication away from areas where they could access it in case of future visits.

In addition, you should think carefully about where you plan to dispose of this medication after you have finished using it. In the event that you do not know how to dispose of this medication safely and appropriately, you should consult your healthcare professional.

You should ensure that you keep the canister containing your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) stored at room temperature. It should be stored out of the way of environmental problems such as direct light or sources of strong heat, and it should never be frozen.

It is important to avoid placing the canister which contains your mometasone and formoterol (inhalation format) into a fire, and you should avoid piercing holes into it too. This applies even if the canister is empty.

There is also a special instruction regarding the storage of your inhaler: you should ensure that mouthpiece faces downwards on every occasion.


This medication is used to treat patients suffering from asthma who have either tried other medications without success or who need some extra help managing their asthma symptoms. It works by reducing swelling in the lungs and improving the flow of air through the important bronchial tubes, which are also known as air passages. This medication is only available with a prescription from a physician, and its brand name in the USA is Dulera.

There are a number of potential side effects associated with this drug. Some of these, such as blurred vision, require you to speak to your physician immediately. One condition, voice changes, only requires the assistance of a physician if it does not go away or if it is causing you lots of problems. There is no guarantee that you will or will not experience a particular side effect of this drug.

When it comes to dosages, you should always follow the instructions of a physician. Some general information about dosages does exist, but this should never overrule the instructions given to you by a physician. There are lots of special rules to follow regarding the correct application of this medication through an inhaler. If you miss a dose, you should skip it, return to your normal dosage plan and ensure that you avoid taking a double dose.

This medication can interact with a large range of other medications, and as a result you should keep your physician informed about the drugs you are currently taking. When you do this, you should include both prescription and over the counter drugs. Based on this information, your physician may decide to readjust your current medication spread in order to accommodate this drug. Some medications interact in a serious way, while others cause moderate or low level interactions.

There are a large number of warnings associated with this drug. These are usually contained in the information leaflet which comes with the drug, which you should keep. These warnings cover a diverse range of issues from potential infections to problems with bones, so you should read the full list in order to avoid missing any that are relevant to you.

You should ensure that you store this medication in a location where children cannot access it. The canister should be kept at room temperature and not frozen. Ensure that you do not pierce holes in the container or place it on a fire, even if it is empty.