Oxiconazole (Topical)

Oxiconazole is an antifungal topical treatment used to prevent the growth of fungus of the skin and to treat existing infection.


Oxiconazole is a topical cream or lotion that is sold as Oxistat. This cream or lotion is an antifungal that is used to treat fungal infection and to kill existing fungal infections.

Oxiconazole can be applied to the skin in the treatment of various infections of ringworm that may affect the body, foot, trunk or groin. Oxiconazole is a prescribed medication and is available only when ordered by a doctor.

Conditions Treated

  • Ringworm of the body
  • Ringworm of the foot
  • Ringworm of the groin
  • Ringworm of the trunk

Type Of Medicine

  • Antifungal

Side Effects

In addition to the much needed antifungal effects of Oxiconazole, this treatment can also cause unwanted side effects in the patient. While not all of these side effects can occur, if they do then you may need to seek medical attention.

You should contact your doctor if you experience any of the following side effects:

Occurring less commonly:

  • Burning of the skin
  • Itching of the skin

Occurring only rarely:

  • Blistering of the skin
  • Burning, itching and/or pain in hairy areas
  • Crusting of the skin
  • Dryness of the skin
  • Flaking of skin
  • Pus developing at the root of the hair
  • Scaling
  • Severe redness, soreness and/or swelling of skin
  • Skin irritation

Other side effects can also occur that may be mild and will not normally require that you seek any medical attention. These side effects will commonly be mild, will abate over time and will not indicate any wider medical problems that may be occurring. If these side effects become bothersome, however, then you should contact your doctor for advice.

  • Pain where applied
  • Skin rash
  • Tingling of the skin
  • Stinging of the skin

Other side effects that are not listed herein could also occur. You should inform your doctor if any side effects do occur that are not listed and seek advice.


To use you should cover the infected and surrounding areas and run the cream or lotion into it gently. You must keep this medication away from all mucous membranes. This includes the eyes, nose and mouth. You should also keep it away from the penis, rectum and vagina. This treatment should never be used on internal areas. It is for the treatment of skin only.

Wash the affected area before application and wash your hands thoroughly after use.

In order that you are able to completely clear the infection of ringworm, you should ensure that you use the treatment for the full course as you have been directed to by your doctor. Even if your symptoms clear up before the end of the treatment, you should still continue use to ensure that you are able to completely kill the infection. Stopping treatment early may simply cause the infection to return. You may have to continue use of the treatment for several weeks after it appears that the infection is gone. Failing to do so may mean that the symptoms will return.

You should not miss doses of this medication. Ensure that it is used consistently and regularly.

The dose of this medication will differ for each and every patient. The dose that you are given will depend on the specific condition that you are being treated for. You should follow your instructions exactly and should not make any changes to your use of this treatment.

The amount that you take will depend on the strength of the treatment, how often you are using it, the time between doses and a whole host of other factors. The following information is for guidance only and should not be used to make changes to your medication use.

When treating ringworm of the body or groin:

  • Children and adults should apply the cream or lotion once or twice daily for at least two weeks. If the condition has not abated in this time then keep using the treatment and arrange to see your doctor.

When treating ringworm of the foot, also known as athlete's foot:

  • Children and adults should use this cream or lotion 1-2 times daily for a period of at least four weeks. Patients should also exercise excellent hygiene and should try to clean their shoes and socks as often as possible at this time.

When treating ringworm of the trunk:

  • Children and adults should use this cream at least once daily for at least two weeks. If the condition has not improved in this time then arrange to see your doctor and continue applying the cream.

If a dose of this treatment is missed then you should apply it as soon as possible. Do not apply extra to make up for a missed dose.


Certain medications can react with one another. In serious cases, medications may cause a severe reaction in the body and in other cases they may prevent each other from working. While there are few interactions that may occur with ringworm or with treatment with Oxiconazole, it is important that you inform your doctor of all other medications that you are taking.

You should not use any other treatments for the skin in the affected areas at the same time as using Oxiconazole unless this treatment has been ordered or approved by the doctor. Other treatments may reduce the effective use of Oxiconazole and allow the continued spread of this infection.

Other medical conditions could also be affected by the use of this treatment. This is most significant if you have any wounds in the same area as your ringworm and if you have any other skin conditions or other infections. You must be very clear with your doctor if you are suffering from any other present medical conditions before you begin use of this treatment.


Before beginning the use of Oxiconazole, it is important that you understand the risks of use and have weighed them against the benefits of treatment. These factors should be considered with your doctor before you make the decision to begin treatment:

Allergies: Discuss any allergies that you have with your doctor. Allergies or bad reactions to medications are particularly important but you should also share details of any other allergies to dyes, preservatives, animals, foods or other substances that you suffer from.

Pediatric: Ringworm rarely occurs in patients below the age of 12, but the use of Oxiconazole has been tested for effective and safe use in children.

Geriatric: It is not known if this medication will work in exactly the same manner in elderly patients. There have not been any demonstrated limitations of the use of this treatment in the elderly, however, and use is not expected to garner any different results. Elderly patients should simply be more alert to side effects of use and should report them to their doctor as soon as possible.

Pregnancy' You must inform your doctor if you are pregnant. This medication should only be used during pregnancy when the need is clear, but the risk of use is minimal. Discuss with your doctor before use. The risk of use is registered as category B.

Breastfeeding ' There have been no appropriate studies carried out on the use of this treatment during pregnancy. You should weigh the potential risks of use against the benefits of use when breastfeeding to decide whether to proceed with treatment. Discuss this with your doctor.

If improvements are not seen in the recommended period of use then you should keep using the treatment and arrange to see your doctor as soon as possible.

If the condition becomes worse or if new symptoms appear after starting to use the treatment then you should contact your doctor straight away.

To ensure that the infection is completely cleared you must use the full course of the treatment. You should then also carry out good health habits and good hygiene to ensure that the infection does not return. Following these steps will help in the healing of ringworm in sensitive areas:

When patients are treating ringworm of the groin:

  • Avoid any underwear that is tight and made from synthetic materials. Wearing loose cotton underwear will help you to heal.
  • Powders such as talcum powder can help you to heal in between doses of Oxiconazole. Do not apply at the same time, but application in the middle of the day could help with treatment.

When patients are treating ringworm of the foot:

  • Take care to thoroughly dry between the toes after washing.
  • Wear cotton socks wherever possible and ensure that you change them daily as a minimum. Changing them more regularly will help and this is especially true if you exercise in the socks in the day.
  • Wear sandals when you can to expose your feet to the air.
  • Use a powder such as talcum powder to treat the toes and feet in between doses of Oxiconazole. Do not use them at the same time but application in the middle of the day will help with healing.


You can keep this treatment at room temperature. Keep it away from direct light and away from moisture and heat. The best locations are in a high-closed cupboard where children have no access. You must always keep this medication out of the reach of children.

Do not keep outdated medication for any longer than you need to.


Oxiconazole is a topical application that is used in the treatment of ringworm of the foot, body, groin and trunk.

For treatment to be effective you must apply it regularly and ensure that you use the full course of treatment. Continue using the treatment even if you think your condition is cured until the course is complete.

Exercise a high level of hygiene during treatment and following treatment to prevent a return of the infection.