Get Rid Of Cold Sore Fast

If you have been experiencing sores that cause itching and blemish marks, then it is a high time you learn how to get rid of cold sores fast. Cold sores arise from the herpes simplex virus, which is quite hard to prevent from attacking the body's system. Once the virus is in the nervous system, you are likely to develop cold sore every now and then.

Cold sores can cure automatically without medication, but the process is quite long and uncomfortable; it may take several weeks before the sore completely fades away. During this period, one suffers from a disturbing feeling because the sores are itchy. In addition to the itchiness, the sight of the marks left on a person’s body is not appealing. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate the sore as fast as possible to restore your good looks. It will also save you the discomfort and loss of self-confidence resulting from the ugly spots on your body.

Treating cold sores

There are several treatment options for this condition. However, before engaging in a particular treatment plan, it is imperative to understand that different procedures may cause varying side effects. Contact a specialist to get reliable advice about the treatment that will best suit your skin type and condition. Failure to contact the right specialist may translate to deterioration of your condition due to unwanted side effects.

i. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the best and cheapest cures available for cold sores. A cold sore makes the skin harden around the affected area, thus causing it to tighten and crack. This cracking can be very painful. Petroleum jelly contains naturally occurring ointments, which play a critical role in softening irritated skin. It also protects the skin from bacterial infections, which in many cases slow down the healing process, thus lengthening the period it takes for complete recuperation.

Petroleum jelly application procedure

  • Make certain that your hands are clean before you apply petroleum jelly on the affected area. Cleaning your hands is essential because it helps to avoid adding germs to the sore. Germs cause more infections, thus extending the time it takes for the sore to heal completely.
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the sore. Do not apply a very thick layer because it is likely to cause discomfort.
  • You can reapply the jelly as many times as you deem fit, but it is advisable that you fast clean out the previous layer off the sore before reapplying. This will help to maintain hygiene and to avoid a backlog of the jelly around the sore. Continue reapplying the jelly until the sore is completely healed.

ii. Rubbing alcohol

This is another valuable solution if you are looking for fast, effective and reliable treatment for cold sores. Rubbing alcohol is readily available in most chemists and medical facilities. It is also very affordable so you do not have to worry about finances. The product is also known to speed up the healing process compared to other solutions.

Application of rubbing alcohol

  • In order to get the best outcome, make certain that the rubbing alcohol you use is a 70% solution. This is the right concentration recommended by medical practitioners.
  • Get a clean piece of cotton wool, soak it in the alcohol solution and tenderly hold it over the sore. Hold the wool in place until you are certain that the alcohol has been completely absorbed into the sore. You can also apply the alcohol directly onto the sore using a Q-tip. However, the use of cotton wool is better because the alcohol will not evaporate fast, hence more of the solution will be absorbed into the sore.
  • Do not clean the sore for some time after applying the rubbing alcohol. You need to give the ointment enough time for it to take full effect on the affected area. This procedure can be repeated until the sore has cured completely.

iii. Antiviral creams

Antiviral creams are medically approved creams that help in preventing the sore form bacterial infections. They also help in speeding up the healing process. There are three types of antiviral creams namely penciclovir, docosanol and acyclovir. Although any of these creams can be used for cold sores, medical tests have proven that the most effective is penciclovir. These creams are only effective if applied instantly when sores are detected. If you have a sore that is in the later stages, this is not the right remedy for you.

Application of antiviral creams

  • Apply the cream over the cold sore on a daily basis. You can apply up to five times a day. This should continue for four to five days or until the sore has completely healed.
  • It is imperative to check the expiry date of the cream before applying the cream. This should be a rule of thumb when taking any medication.

iv. Styptic pencils

Styptic pencils are known for offering great results in the treatment of cold sores. They contain an ointment called Alum, which causes blood vessels to contract, thus speeding up the healing process of the cold sore. This type of medication is readily available because you can access styptic pencils over the counter.

Application of styptic pencil

  • Use the styptic pencil to draw directly over the sore at least two times a day. This might be a little painful and uncomfortable at first, but with time, you will feel much better as the sore begins to heal.
  • The procedure should be repeated daily until you get the desired results. This should only take a few days: approximately three to four days.

How to manage cold sores

a) Avoid consuming citric products

Some fruits such as oranges and limes contain acidic ingredients. If you happen to be suffering from a cold sore, this acid will cause irritation around the affected skin. The acid will increase painful sensations to the patient. However, these fruits contain vitamin C, a vital element that helps in boosting white blood cell count in the body. White blood cells are vital for fighting off contagion and protecting the body from more harm. Therefore, it is advisable that you take vitamin C tablets when dealing with a cold sore to increase white blood cells in your body. This means that you will get to heal without exposing yourself to the pain and irritation caused by fruits.

b) Painkillers

Cold sores normally subject patients to painful experiences, especially if a person is also suffering from another ailment. In some cases, patients have to deal with swollen skin. This can cause great discomfort, which at times causes the patient to be less productive. You can avoid this discomfort by taking painkillers. These drugs can be taken simultaneously with other types of treatment because they do not affect the healing process.

c) Keep your hands off the sore

If you really want to get rid of cold sore fast, avoid touching or scratching the affected skin. Due to the irritation caused by cold sores, most people find themselves scratching their skin. This causes the sore to take longer to heal. It also increases the chance of other infections.

Another danger of scratching or touching the affected area is that you might spread the ailment to other parts of the body, thus prolonging your pain and discomfort. The only time you should touch the sore is when you are applying your medication. Remember to always wash your hands before touching the sore.

How can cold sores be transmitted?

Cold sores can be transmitted from one person to another through body fluids. Because the virus is present in saliva, kissing is one of the main causes of transmission. Another means of transmission is through sharing utensils with an infected person. Oral sex can also lead to infection, and this may affect the private parts. Keep your loved ones safe by avoiding any of the activities that may lead to them being infected.