Kidney Cyst

What is a Kidney Cyst?

Kidney cysts are, as the name suggests, located in the kidneys. These cysts are typically fluid filled pouches located in the kidneys. These cysts are usually a concern because they can impair kidney function, or be a sign of a more serious health condition.

For the most part, kidney cysts are usually non cancerous and rarely cause complications. However, in order to determine whether they will cause any danger to an individual, the doctor must investigate the problem further.

Doctors are not sure what causes kidney cysts that are considered simple kidney cysts. Usually, a person only suffers from a single cyst on the kidney’s surface. However, it is possible for multiple cysts to affect one, or both of the kidneys. Simple kidney cysts are usually found during routine imaging scans, or scans that are being completed for other reasons. Usually, there are no signs or symptoms associated with them. As long as they do not cause any symptoms, medical treatment is not necessary.

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Cysts?

Simple kidney cysts do not typically do not cause any signs or symptoms for the person who is affected. If a cyst does grow large enough, the person may suffer from some mild symptoms.

Symptoms include

  • A dull pain in the back, right under the ribs.
  • Fever
  • Pain in the upper abdomen

How is a Kidney Cyst Treated?

Medical treatment may not be required. If there are no signs or symptoms, and kidney function is not being interfered with, medical treatment will not be recommended. Your doctor may recommend a regular ultrasound to monitor the growth of the cyst. Most of the time, kidney cysts go away on their own and do not need any interference from medical personnel.

Treatments include

If a kidney cyst does require treatment, there are two options that doctors can use. Some doctors prefer to puncture and drain a cyst. After draining the cyst, the doctor fills it with alcohol in an effort to prevent the cyst from returning.

If the cyst is in a location that interferes in kidney function, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the cyst.

Last Reviewed:
October 06, 2016
Last Updated:
September 01, 2017