Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a swollen benign growth located in the ball of the foot, between the bones. The most common place for a Morton’s neuroma to appear is in usually the second or the third space from the base of the big toe.

This neuroma is a thickening of the tissue that surrounds the nerve between two toes and is mostly found in women who often wear tight shoes or high heels.

What are the Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma?

Someone suffering with a Morton’s neuroma will experience a very sharp pain accompanied by numbness on the bottom of the foot localized to the growth area. The pain can radiate through to the nearby toes and even the entire foot. The pain can increase when a person is walking or exerting any pressure on the feet through lifting a heavy object and climbing stairs or a ladder.

Morton’s neuroma is usually diagnosed by a doctor that can feel the actual growth and an area of thickening in your foot. It may be necessary for the doctor to press on different areas of the foot to diagnose the centralized area of the Morton’s neuroma.

How is Morton’s Neuroma Treated?

Treatments of Morton’s neuroma include:

Proper shoes

A person may just need to wear proper footwear. A person diagnosed with a Morton’s neuroma should stay away from pointed-toe and narrow shoes as well as high heels. Also avoid shoes with very thin soles. Shoes must be comfortable and not cause pressure to the feet.

Protective shoe pads

Protective pads can be bought to insert into the shoe. Alternatively a person can obtain a prescription for orthotics from a foot specialist such as a podiatrist.


Steroid or local anaesthesia injections into the affected area of the foot may be needed in addition to the footwear in order to alleviate pain. In some places, this procedure can be completed by a radiologist who can provide the injection while completing an ultrasound scan. It can also be done by an orthopaedic surgeon or foot specialist.

Last Reviewed:
October 07, 2016
Last Updated:
October 23, 2017