Pinworm Infection

What is a Pinworm Infection?

A Pinworm Infection is a common type of intestinal worm infection. When a person has this infection, they have live pinworms living and laying eggs (i.e. reproducing) in their intestines. In the United States, pinworm infections are by far the most common intestinal worm infections. Because the eggs of pinworms can easily get on hands or under fingernails, this is also a highly contagious type of infection.

Children are more prone than adults to such infections. This may have to do with the fact that they are still developing proper hygiene habits and also that they tend to touch more objects around the home without washing their hands.

However, anyone can develop a pinworm infection. Food or drink may be contaminated and it is possible to breathe in pinworm eggs or swallow them. They can easily be transmitted between members of the same household or in a school environment.

What are the Symptoms of a Pinworm Infection?

Because female pinworms tend to move to the anal area to lay their eggs, many people experience anal itching more than any other symptoms of a pinworm infection. This itching can also include a rash and discomfort in the anal or vaginal area as the pinworms and eggs can cause significant irritation.

Insomnia can also be a major issue for a person with a pinworm infection as the irritation and itching can keep that person awake at night. Abdominal pain and nausea can also occur. Sometimes, the pinworms can also be visible in the anus as well as in the stool.

How is a Pinworm Infection Treated?

A pinworm infection is easily treatable with medication and improved, vigilant hygiene. There are over-the-counter and prescription medications that are effective anti-parasitic, meaning they kill both live pinworms and eggs and rid a person of the infection.

Sometimes, a person will need two rounds of treatment to get rid of all of the pinworms and eggs. Hygiene is also important and thoroughly cleaning all bed linens and clothing in hot water and drying anything that can be put in the dryer on high heat can help to kill any and all pinworm eggs that may have been transferred there.

Last Reviewed:
October 08, 2016
Last Updated:
August 28, 2017