Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts

What is Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts?

Committing suicide is an action performed by an individual in which the person deliberately takes their own life. Individuals who attempt or succeed in taking their own life often have suicidal thoughts beforehand. The causes of suicide or thoughts of suicide are frequently due to very stressful life situations.

These may include the passing of a loved one, being an abuse victim, relationship problems, money issues and being diagnosed with an incurable illness. People who are at a high risk for suicide include those who suffer from depression, have a mental illness or have a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

What are the Symptoms of Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts?

People who are having suicidal thoughts often feel like they have no reason to live. Feeling like they are all alone or trapped in a bad situation are other common symptoms. Individuals who are considering suicide often exhibit various signs that should be warning signals to others.

These signs include sleeping a lot or hardly sleeping at all, gaining or losing weight, not wanting to socialize with other people, acting revengeful or agitated, and abusing drugs or alcohol. Some individuals who are thinking about suicide will write out a will and start giving their belongings away to others.

Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts Causes

Suicide is the intentional taking of one’s own life, which is usually done in response to a stressful life situation or as a result of poor mental health. Although not every case of suicide or suicidal thoughts occurs as a result of mental health issues, some people experiencing extreme trauma are vulnerable to these thoughts; indeed, some may believe that suicide is the only resolution.

If mental health is a strong factor in that person’s life, it may be that suicide or suicidal thoughts are a direct cause of their actions/thinking. Most experts agree that those with suicidal tendencies are born with these tendencies.

Unfortunately, those vulnerable don’t often realize that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The person who is suffering from suicidal thoughts needs to realize that there are steps they can take out of the situation so they can be safe again.

How is Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts Treated?

Individuals who become injured due to a suicide attempt should seek medical help immediately. Those who feel like they are going to hurt themselves should call a suicide hotline or the local authorities for help.

Various forms of treatment are available for individuals who often have thoughts of suicide. These methods include medications, such as anti-anxiety drugs, antipsychotic medicines and antidepressants. Psychological counseling with a trained therapist can help individuals discover why they have suicidal tendencies. The families of individuals who often think about suicide should also get involved in the treatment program so they can better understand the feelings of their loved one and offer support.

Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts Prevention

Both the person suffering and their friends/family can aid the prevention of suicidal thoughts and suicide. If the sufferer doesn’t realize it, they should be made aware that the situation they are facing isn’t, in reality, permanent. They should be encouraged to talk about their situation with a friend, a therapist, or mental health professional who can deal with the problem head-on.

In most cases, suicide is something that is done on a spur of the moment. It is rarely done with a lot of forethought. This makes it easier to direct someone to a suicide prevention hotline where they can discuss their feelings with a professional who can give them the options they need to deal with their situations. If a friend or loved one knows that the sufferer is a veteran or might have a more specialized situation, such as PTSD, they should be referred to specialist services that can help.

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October 09, 2016
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