How To Prevent Brain Cancer

Learn how to prevent brain cancer

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in America and a leading cause of death. So, it's important to understand how to prevent brain cancer.

One of the most devastating forms of cancer is brain cancer. Brain cancer can come in many forms, but it always devastates patients due to the subtle symptoms and lack of quality reporting that tends to go on. The relatively late age at which brain tumors are discovered means that many brain tumors are simply far too advanced for doctors to do anything for the patient.

Known causes of brain cancer

Brain tumors are caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Genes involved in brain development such as MCPH1 and COMT are known to play a role in brain cancer. People with mutated versions of these genes tend to develop tumors in their brains at much higher levels. Genes that affect tumor suppression such as P53 are also implicated in the development and onset of brain cancer.

Another big factor in the development of brain cancer is exposure to certain forms of radiation. Cell phones and wifi signals often produce radiation that might promote the development of brain tumors. However, it is difficult to determine how strong environmental factors are in the development of brain cancer.

Many researchers already regard the disease as having a strongly genetic background and see no point in trying to research environmental factors. Despite this, evidence seems to support the notion that brain cancer is not purely hereditary.

Diet and brain cancer

Diet certainly plays an important role in the development of brain cancer. Most people who have brain tumors tend to consume diets high in fats and sweets. The result of that diet is an excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream and more stress on the brain. As the brain consumes more energy trying to handle the excessive sugar, it can easily trigger the beginning of a tumor.

Your brain absolutely needs protein in order to survive. You simply can't function unless you are able to develop the complex structures that your brain relies upon. A diet rich in various amino acids is certain to fight brain cancer because it helps your brain repair itself whenever it takes damage. Eggs, beef, and fish are great sources of the vital proteins your brain needs. A few servings of any of those can put you on the right direction and lower your risk of brain cancer substantially.

Does environment affect brain cancer?

Although genetics are certainly considered the most important factor in the development of brain cancer, it's absurd to argue that there are no environmental factors. For example, higher education is correlated with higher rates of brain tumors. Vitamin D is known to play a major role in the development of brain cancer, which has led to interests in ways diet may affect brain tumors.

Despite the environmental factors associated with brain cancer, it is considered a hereditary disease. The biggest factors in who receives this disease are in fact related to genes we are born with and the way these genes are expressed. Interest in gene expression has led to research into the epigenetics of cancer.

Using epigenetics to fight brain cancer

How to prevent brain cancer: Brain tumors may have many genetic influences but those genetic influences are controlled by gene expression. Some factors may increase the expression of genes that favor the development of brain cancer, but there are also factors that can cause the body to express few cancer-promoting genes.

Epigenetics doesn't just affect gene expression in intangible ways. We actually have the ability to influence how the genes in our body express themselves and potentially control cancer development.

Environment can also affect epigenetics. Doctors have already shown that events that affected our grandparents can easily continue to affect people generations later. Many of the factors responsible for epigenetics could apply to any cancer, but some are uniquely suited for brain tumors.

Lastly, you can learn how to prevent brain cancer by a healthy living lifestyle: People can lower their risk of brain cancers by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle in order to allow the proper gene expression necessary for our bodies to suppress tumor expression.

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July 11, 2017
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October 19, 2018
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