Inguinal Crease

Have you ever wondered how to get an inguinal crease? Have you ever wondered what an inguinal crease is? Along with getting healthy, many people exercise and sculpt their bodies in order to achieve a certain overall look. Through diet and exercise, you can reduce fat and build muscle, building self-esteem and giving you the look you want in your body.

For many people, the ultimate sign of a sculpted body is six-pack abs, which take exercise and fitness beyond arms and legs. However, there are also people who believe fitness can be taken a step further in the achievement of an inguinal crease. This much-desired look for men shows that the six-pack abs are simply not enough, and instead, they are striving for a higher level of overall fitness that can be difficult to achieve.

What is an inguinal crease?

Though you may not have heard of an inguinal crease, you probably know what it is. Also called the moneymaker, the Michelangelo muscle, or the love line, the inguinal crease is a crease generated by the meeting of two ligaments near the groin in a man’s body. The ligaments connect the hips to the legs. They work with the muscles and bones to help the legs and hips move properly in the body.

Since the inguinal ligaments are present in everybody, there are people who can achieve it without ever going to the gym or altering their diets. For example, people with a naturally low body fat percentage may have a visible inguinal crease without any effort at all. Other people have to work harder to achieve the look they’re seeking.

Why is an inguinal crease attractive?

An inguinal crease is attractive because of where it appears on the body. The “V” formed by the crease draws the eye down a man’s body toward the groin. This can be considered attractive to potential romantic partners, particularly if they appreciate a well-toned and fit body.

The crease is also attractive because of what it means to others who know about body sculpting. That is, people know that it can be difficult to achieve. That means when they see someone with the inguinal crease, they know it has taken a lot of hard work to get it, earning them respect from others who exercise and may be trying to achieve the same look.

How can an inguinal crease be achieved?

Though the inguinal crease is present on everyone’s body, it’s not always visible. Typically, the crease is hidden by a layer of subcutaneous fat in the midsection, even for people who are not overweight. However, that doesn’t mean that lots of exercise will make it visible. Though exercise is important for achieving the inguinal crease, the visibility of this crease relies more heavily on the percentage of body fat rather than the amount of muscle.


Though the inguinal crease can be achieved by people who don’t exercise, it can be emphasized through building the muscles under ligaments. Along with toning the muscles under the ligaments, exercise will burn fat, which sheds the subcutaneous fat in the midsection that hides the inguinal crease. Core work and high-intensity interval training are effective to achieve this.

Core work consists of exercising all of the muscles in the midsection, which includes abdominal, hip, and back muscles, among others. Planks are a very effective core exercise when done properly. They use all of the muscles in the core to hold your body up.

Planks are an exercise in which you are in the push-up position, either with straightened arms or your elbows on the floor and hold the position for a period of time. To be effective, your back must be kept straight.

High-intensity interval training, often abbreviated HIIT, is a workout strategy to help maximize calorie burn. Short bursts of high-intensity exercises are interspersed with recovery periods. The recovery periods allow you to maintain high-intensity exercise for a longer overall time, which keeps your heart rate high and burns fat more effectively.

During each exercise period, you are likely to rotate through different exercises to work different muscle groups. Just make sure you work enough on the midsection to lose fat and build muscle in your abdomen and groin.


Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet with appropriate calorie intake for your activity level will help with reducing fat in the midsection. Losing weight will help get rid of the fat that hides the inguinal crease. Once you get to a body fat percentage around five to eight percent, the inguinal crease should be more visible.

Along with that, getting rid of simple sugars and starchy carbs will give you better fuel sources to burn fat and build muscle. That will make your workouts more effective so you can get better results. Complex carbs and fibrous vegetables are a better choice for your diet.

Do women have an inguinal crease?

Because of the anatomy of the body, men and women both have the ligaments that lead to the inguinal crease. However, it is more common for men to achieve the inguinal crease than women because of the way their bodies are shaped and how they react to exercise and diet changes. This also has to do with the shape and size of the pubic bone, which impacts the way the ligaments are connected to the body and how the hips work.

What else is important to know?

Before you change your exercise routine to focus on your inguinal crease, there are a few things you need to know.

Focus on your health

Even though you need to achieve a low body fat percentage to make the inguinal crease visible, it’s important to ensure that you focus on your health above achieving an inguinal crease. While five to eight percent body fat may be healthy for some people, it may be unhealthy for others. Consulting with a health professional can help you determine whether you can or should try to achieve an inguinal crease or not.

If it’s unsafe for you to achieve the low body fat percentage required for the inguinal crease to be visible, it will be even more important for you to exercise and build the muscles under the ligaments. With this strategy, you may be able to get the results you want without reducing your body fat percentage too low.

Be careful of injuries

Inguinal hernias can occur as a result of exercise or weak abdominal walls. When you are exercising to achieve the inguinal crease, be sure to follow a safe and effective exercise and diet regimen that protects your health and safety. If you push yourself too hard too fast, you may become injured and be unable to continue your exercises.

Over-exercise may also cause pulled muscles. If you are focusing on achieving an inguinal crease, it is likely that this muscle pull would occur in the groin muscles. This can be very painful and will set your exercise program back, preventing you from achieving your goals in the timeframe expected. Instead, develop an exercise regimen that is effective but safe for your health, weight, and activity level.


When you start an exercise regimen, you probably have goals in mind that you want to achieve. Whether you want to enhance what’s already there or you’re starting from a lower level of fitness, the combination of diet and exercise is the recipe to achieve your goals. Even when you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, diet and exercise is the answer for how to get an inguinal crease.