Healthcare and Education Scholarship Program

CPR Near Me is proud to present the CPR Near Me Scholarship Program for students aspiring to study or currently studying healthcare or education.

CPR Near Me has created a Scholarship Program that is for all students who are either currently studying or aspiring to study healthcare or education.

A $1000 Scholarship award will be up for grabs every month to students who wish to pursue careers in both healthcare and education. The scholarship is an incentive to support all individuals who are capable of making a difference not only in their scores as well as all the phases of their lives.

The scholarship will be awarded on a monthly basis to a student who showcases his or her motivation to attain a degree in the healthcare or education field by submitting a written essay. Whoever becomes the winner has the freedom to use his/her scholarship for education expenses. It can be used for the school your are currently attending or the school you are planning to enroll in the future.

Finalists of the essay submission will be presented on CPR Near Me and shared on social media. The votes from social sharing will only influence the results but not decide the winner.