Should You Pop A Burn Blister

Burn blisters occur when tissue has been damaged. The first obvious question people ask is; should you pop a burn blister? You should not pop a blister as the fluid in them is needed by the body.

Depending on the intensity of the burn, you are likely to suffer from multiple burn blisters. It’s best not to ignore burn blisters as they can cause complications like deformation and ugly scars. As soon as you get a blister, seek medical attention for better treatment and quick recovery. If you’re not sure what to do when you get a burn blister, read ahead to grasp some insight about burn blisters and why you shouldn’t pop them.

How Does A Burn Blister Occur?

When your skin suffers from a second-degree burn, you develop burn blisters. Severe burns are characterized by:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Redness

You only experience burn blisters on your skin as the burn wound heals. Burn blisters occur due to the destruction of the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). The fluid found in the burn blister is essential for healing the affected area. This is because it contains proteins and blood red cells that help the skin regenerate and eventually grow back to its original form. Isn’t that great?

Unfortunately, deep and severe burns may cause permanent damage to the skin such as:

  • A scar
  • Loss of hair
  • Skin color change

Should You Pop A Burn Blister?

According to the National Health Service (NHS) doctors, you are not allowed to pop burn blisters as they can cause secondary skin infections. Such infections could lead to complications and treating the burn can seem like an uphill task. Burn blisters are very delicate and can easily pop; take extra care while managing them to avoid popping them.

You may be wondering; is there a time that I can pop a burn blister? NHS indicates that, for those burn blisters that are likely to burst or are quite big, medical professionals are obliged to drain them. Sometimes the doctors even remove the upper layer of the burn blisters. If you get a burn blister from a burn, it’s important to seek medical advice immediately.

Does A Burn Blister Take Long to Heal?

Though the duration taken by a burn blister to heal depends on its severity and how well it gets treated, experts indicate that a second-degree burn should take two-three weeks to get cured completely. According to researchers, a lousy burn gets into a dynamic stage within its first three days. In this stage, the wound is expected to get worse. For example, sunburn blisters which appear the following day. Burns should heal within 10-14 days, with proper treatment.

How Do You Treat A Burn Blister?

As soon as you get a burnt, doctors recommended that you run cool water over the affected area for 15-30 minutes. According to medical experts, this procedure will help prevent the burn from becoming severe. You should not use iced water on the burn blister as it will damage the skin of the affected area even more.

For a burn blister that has not popped, you only need to clean it gently to prevent infection. In case the blister seems like it could pop at any given moment, doctors’ advice that you place a sterile dressing on the blister and bandage it properly.

What to Do When a Burn Blister Pops?

If your burn blister pops, you’ll realize that the fluid gets drained out. It then leaves a wound which is prone to infections if poorly handled. Ensure that you cover the wound with a sterile dressing or a clean bandage. Change the gauze or the bandage every day. Make sure you soak the stuck bandage or the dressing in warm water for easy removal.

Researchers based at the University of Maryland indicate that you can also use honey on broken burn blisters as a substitute for antibiotic cream. It’s incredible how the antibacterial properties found in honey naturally helps prevent the burn blisters from developing an infection.

Ouch! You've Burned Your Hand: Now What?

It’s important to know the first aid steps required for a burn as it will help manage the wound and prevent complications. Do not fret if you have no idea of what to do in case you get a burn; the steps are as follows:

1. Cool the burned area

Slow the burn from progressing by running cool water on a first or second-degree burn for a minimum of 15 minutes. You can also cool the burn by placing a damp towel on the hard to reach areas.

2. Free the affected area

Tight clothes or objects like rings may cause further swelling. It’s advisable to take off any object close to the burn before the swelling starts.

3. Proper treatment

You can speed up the healing process by applying natural antibacterial ointments like honey or aloe vera gel. Then dress the wound in a non-stick gauze.

4. Elevating the affected area.

If you suffer from a severe burn or the area affected is large, try to keep it elevated and sought medical advice immediately.

How Do You Take Care of a Burn?

The duration of time taken to heal depends on how well you take care of the burn. A well-cared-for burn wound heals faster and gets free from scaring and infections. Use the following methods to take care of your burn:

  • Always handle the burn with clean hands
  • Use an antibacterial ointment on the wound then dress it in a non-stick gauze
  • Change the dressing and apply the ointment daily
  • Always look for signs of infection while changing the dressing
  • If the wound becomes more painful than when it first occurred, has a discharge, and is redder, visit your doctor immediately.
  • You should not scratch the wound during the healing process.

As illustrated above, with proper care, you can successfully treat a burn at home. But depending on the wounds’ progress, it’s advisable to see a doctor especially if you realize signs of infection on burn blisters. Severe burns receive immediate attention by a medical professional for proper treatment. Avoid popping a burn blister at all cost. If need be, allow your doctor to handle it and ensure that it’s well dressed to avoid infection.